Metal Corporate Signs

Metal Corporate signs are the crown jewel in our custom metal sign service. We are honored to have provided signage for some of the most prestigious companies across the United States. Regardless of the size of your corporation, you can discover what these excellent corporations know: a hand-crafted metal logolettering or symbol makes the statement that yours is the kind of corporation that is solid, stable and attractive for customers and investors.

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Metal Corporate signs that make a statement about your firm are made-to-order for you
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We have been entrusted to craft – from metal – signs ranging from the symbol of a multi-national company to the lobby logo of a local law firm. Every corporation requires quality and integrity, which we proudly deliver regardless of how large the company may be.

A few examples of signs we have crafted

Custom Metal Signs and Logos

    • District offices for major insurance groups
    • Home office corporate signs
    • A lettered list of physicians in a group medical practice
    • Local office affiliates of a national financial planning organization
    • The logo of America’s only motorcycle manufacturer
    • The symbol of major nationwide affiliated hotels and motels
    • A giant casino logo for the side of a riverboat gambling venue


Metal Corporate signs made-to-order direct from a family owned and operated company
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National Accounts Program

You may have a corporate acquisition procedure, which will be readily fulfilled by our National Accounts Program. It is designed to allow you to streamline approval, and procurement of corporate signs. This is a turn-key program from specs to shipping, and delivers rapid turnaround when required.

Indoor and outdoor purposes

Exterior Custom Metal Signs and Logos

Recently a satisfied customer wrote that the company was so pleased with an indoor metal lobby logo, they planned to order metal signage for outdoors as well.

Five outdoor designs for corporate signs

  1. Gracing the entrance to your building, or accompanying statuary
  2. Marking your driving entrance or parking area
  3. On the side of a major front-facing wall
  4. Above your doorway and front windows; banner-length signage
  5. Metal lettering on brick and stone markers


Five popular designs for indoors

Custom Metal Signs for any everyone

    1. Lobby and reception desk logo and lettering
    2. Open workspace logos and lettering
    3. Conference room corporate signage
    4. Hallway directories, office numbers and name plates
    5. ADA signs


The Premier Look of Solid Metal

When corporate signs are made of solid metal, it is custom finished for interior or exterior use. Solid metal options include • aluminum • bronze • copper • stainless steel • or rusted steel (called “corten”). These solid metals can be finished with a clear coat which will last years. They are also painted or electroplated. Your exterior metal sign can be anodized to ensure it lasts.

The appearance of solid metal with cost-conscious manufacturing

    • Electroplated aluminum is a rich-looking, imminently affordable alternative to other solid metals


    • Fabricated metal corporate signs are still real metal, but rather than cut from a thicker piece of solid metal, they are crafted with thinner weights welded and soldered together. It’s lighter without sacrificing richness and also offered in aluminum, bronze, copper, stainless and rusted steel.


  • Real metal laminated to acrylic or plastic results in the satisfying look of metal with reduced materials costs.


Caring for your corporate identity

We’ve been creating quality metal signs for thirty-five years, employing metal craftspeople who take great pride in their work. We take equal pride in providing an elegant service to American business. Your expectation for customer service is exceeded, and you are assured the utmost care and quality for your corporate identity.

We ship corporate signs nationwide via UPS and offer installation advice and assistance.