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Commercial Metal Signs

Why metal, why now?

It’s more important than ever to set your image apart from the clutter. Also, the look and feel of commercial metal signs is now within reach of any business or organization budget. While solid metal signs set the standard for elegance, the flexibility of thinner metal manufacturing techniques has brought exciting innovations.

Fabricated or soldered commercial metal signs are designed to impress. Thin strips of metal are layered, soldered and welded together. The result is a light custom metal sign that looks rich and substantial. Outdoor fabricated and soldered signs have long life. For example, brass is treated to resist tarnish or color change for seven years.

Electroplated aluminum signs have a high-end look. You get the solid metal sign look in a host of finishes: Polished Brass • Satin Brass • Antique Brass • Polished Chrome • Satin Chrome • Antique Chrome (Pewter)

For remarkable affordability without sacrificing magnificence, thin, genuine metal sheets are cut to design, and then laminated onto either acrylic or PVC plastic. Because these custom signs are still real metal, you get the same look and feel at a fraction of the weight.

Foam is the latest innovation in material for commercial metal signs. Sign foam gives exceptional depth – up to six inches. Another plus: sign foam can be carved and sculpted for any logo and lettering as well as painted any color.
Acrylic also bonds exceptionally well with metallic paint, enabling a truly affordable option for your custom metal signs. With clear acrylic, you also have the option of having the paint applied to the back, leaving the front glossy.

Solid metal Signs are cut to exact specifications, custom-finished for interior or exterior use. A clear coat, paint, electroplating or anodizing is applied to ensure your sign resists the elements. Solid metal commercial metal signs are made of • Aluminum • Bronze • Copper • Stainless steel • Corten (a rusted-steel look)

When your logo or décor call for colors, you will be delighted with our paints, which are specifically designed to be used on the materials we offer, providing years of use without peeling, fading, or discoloring.

Take advantage of Our National Accounts Program, a turn-key process that streamlines acquisition of commercial metal signs, from procurement to shipping.

All we need to know during your first contact is:
The intended location of your sign. Will it hang indoors? In a lobby? On an exterior wall? At an entrance?

The type of sign you want. Is it your logo? Does it include lettering?
Web links to any example signs or logos you’ve seen that have inspired (make sure to browse the beautiful gallery on our website)

Colors and materials you’d like, including any specific metal you have in mind and the size you envision.

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