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Custom metal signs

Custom metal signs utilize next-generation technology to create metal exterior and interior signs for business and commercial use. From a carefully replicated logo to ADA placards, proper signage is a business necessity.

Beautifully crafted metal signs are a statement. Order your metal business or metal commercial symbol, corporate sign, exterior monument or interior office sign made-to-order by dedicated Midwestern craftspeople.

Your needs may be a logo several feet tall, a hallway directory that’s 3’ by 5’, or a smaller restroom door identification that matches your office décor. Any job, any size gets premier workmanship. To get some great ideas, visit our website and browse photos of the extensive, exceptional custom metal signs we are proud to have created.

Some examples of the one-of-a-kind signs we’ve created

Medallion for a University in Washington
Plaques for a Midwest police department
NASA wall-size logos and lettering
The Air Force Weather Agency
US Department of Defense
The Consulate of Mexico

We are equally proud to have provided custom metal signs for individual businesses and organizations

Custom Metal Signs inside reception area logo for a California office (They now want an exterior version)

A United Methodist Church
The team emblems of schools
A radio station logo
An elegant back-lit entry sign for a loft apartment complex

Materials for custom metal signs
Solid Metal. Your sign can be made of solid metal, whether it is aluminum • bronze • copper • stainless steel • or rusted steel (called “corten”). The metal is custom-finished for interior or exterior use. These solid metals can be finished with a clear coat which will last years; also painted or electroplated. Your exterior metal sign can be anodized to ensure it lasts.

Fabricated or soldered custom metal signs provide exquisite image at exceptional value. You have the same choices as solid metal, including finished brass, stainless steel, bronze and copper. Because this technique uses layered thin strips of metal soldered or welded solid, they are lighter and hollow. Every company and organization finds it can afford a custom metal sign in this category of manufacture, in part because they last so long. For example, brass-look outdoor signs are specially treated and guaranteed not to tarnish or change color for seven years.

Metal with alternate backing still uses real metal, in thin sheets, which is laminated onto various backing. You get a custom metal sign, but it weighs significantly less and the cost is lower. Acrylic backing can be laminated to the genuine metal facing, or the acrylic itself can be painted with metallic paint. PVC backers perform superbly with custom thin-metal laminates. These two options recognize the need for price options while maintaining the look and feel of other custom metal signs.

Ordering made easy
During our first conversation, we need to know where you intend to put your sign (indoors, outdoors, a lobby); the type of sign you want (logo, monument, wall hanging); web links to any example signs or logos you’ve seen that have inspired your decision to order a customer metal sign; colors and materials you’d like, and the size you envision.

In our thirty-nine years in business, there have never been so many beautiful options. Your business or organization can upgrade to impressive signage well within the reach of your budget. Make sure you ask about new sign materials such as foam, which are ruggedly durable and are painted to create a dazzling sign.

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