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Interior metal office signs

Interior metal office signs greet your customers, clients and visitors. Your logo and lettering in a lobby or reception area establishes your business or organization. Signs direct guests between floors and offices; tell the history of your firm; decorate open work areas; list the partners or physicians in a practice. Our customers tell us that using metal for their indoor signage sends a message of permanence and performance.

Imagine a brushed solid-metal square, with cut-outs of logo lettering and a modern artistic sketch of a high-rise apartment building. Imagine it back lit with a soft green light. You don’t have to imagine it, you can see it. That piece of logo art was created for a loft apartment complex, and graces the lobby. See the dramatic photo on our website.

Signs fabricated for interiors include • logos and lettering • directories • plaques • ADA signage • door numbers • name plates • specialty signs • honor walls • your specific need.

Solid metal is the “gold standard” for metal interior office signs. It’s our premier product for corporations, larger businesses, armed forces and more. But you will find a sign material and manufacturing process to meet your budget.

How to get the rich look of solid metal at a price you can afford
Electroplated aluminum provides an elegant look, while being a practical alternative to solid metal. The solid metal “look” comes in a variety of finishes: • Polished Brass • Satin Brass • Antique Brass • Polished Chrome • Satin Chrome • Antique Chrome (Pewter)

Thin strips of real metal can be layered together, welded or soldered into lighter all-metal interior office signs. You have the same choices as solid metal • finished brass • stainless steel • bronze • copper. These fabricated metal signs offer outstanding durability while priced for smaller budgets.

Real metal laminated onto •acrylic • plastic (PVC). These two “backings” recognize the need for price options while maintaining the look and feel of other custom metal signs. Acrylic backing can also be coated with metallic paint for a luxurious look that is affordable.

Amazing foam signage may be the affordable option that allows you to upgrade to the metal look. Interior office signs made of sign foam give you the option of depth from one inch to six inches, and more if layers of foam are glued together. It makes impressive logos and lettering, can be carved and painted in any color

Getting it to you and getting it installed
We ship your sign to anywhere in the United States. We make certain interior office signs can be installed simply by your staff. You are provided an installation “template” (a full-scale paper sketch of your design), which you can temporarily tape to the surface in order to accurately plot where to install the attachment hardware; pins or studs, depending upon the weight of the sign.
All your installer will need is a tape measure, hammer, masking tape, a drill and drill bits (we’ll specify the size).
We can also refer you to a local sign installer from a network of firms we maintain.

Experience means quality interior office signs
In our thirty-six years in business, we have been privileged to work with some of the premier firms and organizations in the country. It is our pleasure to continually update our manufacturing options to impressive signage within budget.

Your vision begins with a phone call
All we need to know where you intend to put your sign (indoors, outdoors, a lobby); the type of metal sign you want (logo, monument, wall hanging); web links to any example signs or logos you’ve seen that have inspired your decision to order

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