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Custom signs and logos

Custom signs can set your business apart from the rest. Whether it’s your company logo or an ADA placard, appropriate signage is a must-have in the commercial world. With professional precision, a sign unique to your business can create a memorable brand that forms a lasting memory with your clients. At Metal Logos, we use next-generation technology in our process to build exterior and interior signage that will last for years and be easy on your budget.

High Quality and Affordability
Our clients are as diverse as it gets, and so are their signage needs. We are able to accommodate different sizes from a few inches to several feet. We take pride in our work, no matter the size of the job. So whether your custom signs are small placards to indicate restrooms or giant exterior signs, we’ll perform our work with the same meticulous care.

We’re a national company that has served clients such as universities, police departments, NASA, the Air Force Weather Agency, the United States Department of Defense and the Consulate of Mexico. For all the large clients we have served, we are equally as pleased to serve small business owners and organizations like churches, offices, schools, radio stations and even apartment complexes. Our process is professional enough for major corporations and affordable enough for small startups.

Materials for Custom Signs
Custom Metal Signs and Logos because we work with such a diversity of clients, we can offer a wide variety of products to accommodate their needs and resources. We, of course, create beautiful metal custom signs. But we also use an array of materials to replicate the appearance of solid metals. We will discuss with you when you order what you envision and what you can afford, and then make recommendations based on that.

Solid Metals – We use superior metals like aluminum, bronze, copper, stainless steel and rusted steel. Our custom finishes will protect signage for long-lasting durability both indoors and outdoors. We also offer beautiful specialty finishes that offer unique looks like a rusted or swirling finish.

Fabricated Metals – Our solid metals are cut into thin strips and soldered together to offer a look with more depth. This technique uses less metal and leaves the sign hollow in the center. More lightweight and cost-effective, this is a custom sign that is affordable for any business.

Alternative Backing – Similar to our fabricated metals process, we use thin sheets of metal to create the custom signs. However, instead of soldering, we laminate the strips to an acrylic or PVC backing. Acrylic backers can be laminated to genuine metal for an entirely metal exterior or be painted with metallic paint. PVC backers work best with our custom thin-metal laminates. Alternative backing is an affordable price point that maintains high-end results. We are also able to create your entire sign out of the acrylic or PVC materials.

Foam – An exciting new material, foam allows us to fabricate custom signs that are highly dimensional yet light in weight. We carve and sculpt your lettering or logo into the foam and paint it with the custom colors of your choice.

Shipping and Installation
Installing the signage can be an intimidating task if you don’t have the right materials and instructions. But we ship both the business signage and the installation template, free of charge. We also include our 800 number, so that you may contact one of corporate installers for assistance on the spot. Although we have simplified the process to the point where anyone can install their custom metal signs, we do work with a network of well-qualified installers. We can arrange for an installer to work around your schedule.

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* We’ll need details about where your sign will hang, how large it will be, what type of design you have in mind and more. We have over 39 years of experience in this industry, so we can walk you through the ordering process to make it simple and stress-free.

We are a family-owned business and the direct manufacturer of all of the fabricated metal signs we sell.

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