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Metal Signs

Metal signs provide businesses with an opportunity to brand themselves within a budget. In today’s economic climate, it’s important to have a professional, memorable logo and sign to represent your business. But it’s just as crucial to stay within budget. At Metal Logos, we’ve been assisting companies across the nation since 1984 by creating high quality signage within budgetary constraints.

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Metallogo’s creates custom metal signs to suit your business and your budget
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Because we are the manufacturer, our clients don’t have to waste extra time and money going through a middle man. They get their quality products directly from us. We have precise processes and use the best materials to create metal signs that stand out. And because we offer a wide variety of custom finishes, you can rest assured that your new signage will be long-lasting.


We use a variety of different materials to create our metal signs. By doing so, we’re able to accommodate the many looks and budgets our clients demand. We primarily use solid metals like aluminum, bronze, copper, stainless steel and corten steel signs.

  • Solid metal – Solid metal is the highest standard in custom signs. It is cut and finished to your exact specifications. We are able to treat the signage for interior or exterior use to ensure longevity. For example, we treat brass to prevent tarnish and color changes. This coating can last for up to seven years.
  • Electroplated aluminum – Because it works well with many different finishes like polished, satin or antique brass and chrome, this gives our clients a high-end, solid metal look.
  • Genuine metal sheets – Our process allows us to cut these sheets and laminate them onto acrylic or PVC plastic. This offers the beauty of real metal at a fraction of the weight.
  • Foam – On the cutting edge of sign technology, foam offers a depth that metal cannot. A foam sign can be carved up to 6 inches deep and into any logo or lettering, and then painted any color.
  • Acrylic – Another option for metal signs is acrylic. Metallic paint adheres to it and presents the solid metal look without the solid metal cost.

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Our Process

At Metal Logos, we create our metal signs by cutting out thin sheets from your choice of finished metals. We solder them together with the custom image for your logo or lettering. Although the actual lettering will be hollow, it will appear thick and be done with a great degree of precision. The seams will be difficult to detect by anyone other than a signage professional. Because the signage is hollow, it is much lighter weight and thus, more affordable.

We have the ability to finish our metals to create a wide range of looks. We can give a sign a satiny appearance with polished edges. Finishes like swirling and antique-like rusting are also available. We recommend that all of our aluminum and metal signs be treated with a clear coating to lengthen the lifespan.

Find metal custom business signs to suit any-size business with affordable options
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Ordering Your Sign

When you place an order with us, there is some information we’ll need to get started, like:
Where will the sign hang? Interior signage will need a different finish than exterior signage. The lighting and space will also affect the design.

What type of sign is it? A sign with a complex logo rather than simple lettering may require a particular material, finish or process.

What’s the inspiration? If you already have a logo or design prepared, this will be easy. But you can just as easily send us links to pictures online of things that you like. From color schemes to fonts to logos, we can use any inspiration and make it right for your business.

What size do you need? What you envision may be more or less than you need. We can discuss the space where the signage will be hung and help you to come up with the perfect size for your business and your budget.

To order, you can call us now at (866) 668-5646 or order online. Ask us about Our National Accounts Program and how it can make the entire process, from ordering to the day you receive your metal signs, fast and easy.

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