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Fabricated metal signs

In our sign shop at Metal Logos we can create fabricated metal signs with detailed logos and depth. Almost any custom logo and design can be fabricated. Fabricated metal signs are hollow with welded interior seams that allow us to make the logo almost any depth.

Whether you need a sign for indoors, in a reception area or lobby, or outdoors on the side of your building, a fabricated metal sign displaying your company’s logo will provide impressive visual results.

How Fabricated Signs Are Made
Fabricated metal signs are made using cutting, bending and assembling processes. The most common kinds of fabrication processes may also include folding, machining, punching, shearing, stamping and welding.

A Bright Idea
Fabricated logos and letters can be non-illuminated or illuminated with backlighting. Backlighting creates an attractive halo effect around the edges of the sign to create a logo for our clients that has a high impact on those who see it in a lobby or reception area.

Illuminated fabricated metal logos and letters can be lighted with LEDs in almost any color. They can be hard-wired into a wall switch or can be plugged into a wall outlet.

The Metal Logos sign shop can fabricate all types of metal logos and individual letters, as well as box signs with push-through copy.

Box Signs
A box sign is typically a square or rectangular structure that is self-enclosed. It can be made with or without lighting and can be either single- or double-faced. When a box sign has an internal light system for illuminating the sign face, it’s called a light box.

Push-Through Copy
Fabricated Light Box with Push-through copy is a letter or graphic that is cut out and then pushed through a corresponding space that’s been removed from a sign substrate. The letters or graphic are usually a different color and/or material than the rest of the sign.

Most push-through letters are made of translucent acrylic and are “pushed through” a sign face panel to be flush or over-flush with the front of the sign face. Push-through letters are typically used with an opaque sign cabinet (box sign) and internal lighting.

The Difference Between Fabricated and Flat-Cut Letters
Fabricated letters are hollow and can have deep/long returns (sides) that can be from ½-inch to 8-inches or more thick, while still being light-weight.

Flat-cut letters can be made from solid metal, solid acrylic or solid acrylic/PVC with metal laminates glued to the face. They can be made 1/8-inch, ¼-inch, 3/8-inch, ½-inch, ¾-inch or 1-inch thick.

Fabricated Metal Signs Are Impressive
The craftsmen at Metal Logos have unique and precise skills that enable them to achieve impressive results in a fabricated metal sign.

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